108-0071 東京都港区白金台3-13-1-106
#106 ,3-13-1 Shirokanedai,Minato-ku,Tokyo
509-4244 岐阜県飛騨市古川町是重1-2-6
1-2-6 Koreshige,Furukawa-cho,Hida-city,Gifu

山本 真也
For each project, my focus is not only on the characteristics and technology of the material, but also on the brand and people. I take an approach to build value beyond the design of things and spaces, and incorporate them into my design. With my experience, refocusing on the classics while incorporating new concepts, my goal is to express ideas that are not bound by the framework of “design”.
At the Hida Studio, we work with craftsmen to study wood from various angles and make prototypes. This makes for a creative workshop atmosphere for developing furniture and store designs.

Business contents
Interior design, Furniture design, Product design,Branding, Art direction,Design and production of custom-made furniture, etc.

1978年 広島県尾道市生まれ
2001年 金沢美術工芸大学 プロダクトデザイン科卒業
2001-2004年 インテリア設計・施工会社勤務
2004年 フリーランスとして独立
2005-2013年 株式会社資生堂の外部デザイナーとして契約。国内外の店舗デザイン等を担当
2013年 家具ブランド立上げプロジェクトの為、岐阜県飛騨市に拠点を移し木工との関わりを深める
2015年 UMURO DESIGN STUDIOとして東京と飛騨の2拠点での活動を開始
2016年~山脇美術専門学院 スペースデザイン科 非常勤講師
2019年 飛騨での拠点を家具職人と共に製作できる工房に移す
2021年 SHINYA YAMAMOTOとして活動開始

1978 Born in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture
2001 Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art
2001-2004 In-House Designer at interior architect firm
2004 Freelance Designer
2005-2013 Independent contract designer for Shiseido Co. , Ltd . In charge of store design in Japan and overseas.
2013 Moved to Hida City, for a furniture brand launch project and deepened knowledge of woodworkingv 2015 Started activities at two workshops in Tokyo and Hida as UMURO DESIGN STUDIO
2016 Instructor at Yamawaki Design College
2019 Relocated Hida workshop to a new site to directly work and collaborate with furniture craftsmen
2021 Started working as SHINYA YAMAMOTO